Fire Alarm Consulting and Analysis Services

Elevated Technical Design not only designs the actual fire protection systems, we also consult on existing jobs for those who just need a second opinion, or want to add specific services in addition to the systems designs.

We can assist you in several ways:

Site Survey

Site Survey

Elevated Technical Design performs a site survey upon request. Sometimes, a site survey can increase the productivity for any construction project. Examining a project first-hand often clears up any design conflicts and provides the missing information needed to complete a design or move forward in construction. Although we’re based in Arizona, with scheduling, ETD performs site surveys across the country.

The survey gives us the information we need to provide the best design recommendations for your installation team. With this service, it’s ETD’s goal to increase productivity and increase your company’s bottom line.

Bid Documents Analysis

In a perfect world, bid documents contain exactly what’s required for the business to be accurately protected at the highest level, and within your budget. Unfortunately, in a fast- paced construction project, a thoughtful, precise, and cost-effective fire protection plan often gets overlooked or is added as an afterthought to other drawings.

Sometimes, bid documents reveal that the fire protection design lacks coverage in some areas, and over-protects others. A thorough, unbiased analysis of a design, a building, and its functions provides significant information to create correct drawings and plans. We’ve had a few cases where our evaluations (and the education of key persons) have even helped clients receive additional funds to complete a project.

However, there is more to this process than merely reading a prepared document. ETD helps businesses understand and know what to look for in examining bid documents in the future. This knowledge helps the business owner or superintendent avoid costly changes in scope or compliance. A comprehensive hazard analysis, code and cost analysis are crucial elements to creating the most accurate bid documents possible.

Bid Documents Analysis
Hazard Analysis

Hazard Analysis

Anyone can read the code book, but ETD takes your safety and business operations more seriously than just choosing codes. When you consult with ETD, we analyze what protecting your specific hazards entails, and make recommendations. We constantly review all the new and innovative products on the market and determine if one of these can make your operation safer or more cost effective.

We help you determine your costs of operation: Can the business withstand the loss of operations for 3 to 5 days while the fire sprinkler system is cleaned? Do you have a back-up facility to operate from? If so, are those systems coordinated with your current operation?

No business wants to experience down- time. Our analysis often includes educating the building owner or contractor to the many options available in fire protection and building security.

Code Analysis

ETD provides Fire Protection Design drawings across the United States and, indeed, the world. From our more than 120 years of combined experience, we’ve built an extensive database to help us determine compliance with the different codes, no matter where the location.

However, because local entities, generally, make jurisdictional adjustments to national codes, ETD also consults with the local AHJ to determine what changes have been made. This all-important communication ensures that the provided fire alarm system and design meets all national and local codes. Because of this critical step, you avoid any code interpretation issues that may arise, mid-project, from the local AHJ.

Code Analysis

Cost vs. Benefits Analysis

We know that personnel and asset safety and protection are your greatest concerns – always balanced with cost, of course. That’s why ETD takes that extra step and helps you weigh the initial costs vs. benefits of using an upgraded detection or suppression systems that minimize downtime during maintenance or following an event.

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, “Answers are easy, asking the right questions is the hard part.” That’s why we ask a lot of important questions. We clarify the most basic suppositions and then study the finer points of your business.

All questions would be geared to the company’s specific needs, of course, but here’s just a sample of the initial questions we might, for example, ask a manufacturing firm:

  • What do you need to protect?
  • What does the surrounding location look like?
  • What does your client manufacture?
  • What is your manufacturing process?
  • How much revenue does your manufacturing process or computer network produce every hour?
  • What will one hour (day, week, etc.) of downtime cost you in lost revenue?
  • How many employees would not return to work if they had to take a week off without pay?
  • How much will a catastrophic event in your facility cost them?
  • Will you continue to pay employees during downtime?
  • What will that cost you?
  • How can we help you limit exposure and liability?

This list can and should become extensive, because we do not provide just a one-size-fits-all service. At ETD, we’re committed to making sure you get the right level of fire protection to meet your unique needs.

When you take advantage of our consulting services. You not only receive the benefits of seeing your company through a set of unbiased eyes from outside the norm, you avail yourselves of all our combined experience. We know the fire protection industry as well as any and far better than most. Frankly, we want to be your best resource, and we believe we are. Contact us today to discover how ETD can impact your bottom line.

Designing for Proprietary Systems that include, but not limited to:

  • Notifier
  • Fire Lite
  • Siemens
  • Gamewell
  • FCI
  • Vesda
  • Fike
  • Fenwal
  • Hochiki
  • Secutron
  • Ademco
  • DMP
  • Bosch
  • Chemetron
  • EST
  • GE
  • Harrington Signal
  • Potter Signal
  • Tyco
  • Reliable
  • Viking